WRESTLERS (feat. TWIN SHADOW and D’ANGELO LACY) “SAY ANYTHING” from josh forbes on Vimeo.

This video is a perfect storm of weirdness. The unmatchable physical comedic talent of Nathan Barnatt, the hot jams from Wrestlers, Twin Shadow and D’Angelo Lacy, and the master-level editing and FX chops of Drew Kordik. Each of these folks are at the top of their game and I’m just trying to catch a ride like one of those mystic dolphin riders you see painted on the side of a van.

Please share and enjoy.

P.S. People ask why we changed Simmins Dupont to Simmons Dupont. In the Dupont universe, when Simmins decided to start making workout tapes, he thought changing the “i” to an “o” would make him more of a “legitimate player in the fitness game”. He said it would in no way affect his ” top A1 physical muscular body condition”. It was definitely not a mistake made by the filmmakers. They are way too physically fit to ever allow a well known characters name get misspelled on such an important video.

Joywave - Tongues ft. KOPPS (official music video) [NSFW] from DANIELS on Vimeo.

[Uncensored Official Music Video]

New EP, “How Do You Feel”, available now via cultco Music.
Tumblr Listening Experience: howdoyoufeeljoywave.com/

Single: itunes.apple.com/us/album/tongues-feat.-kopps-single/id797851423
EP stream: smarturl.it/jwstep1
EP download: smarturl.it/JWEP1

Directed by DANIELS & Zak Stoltz vimeo.com/zstoltz
DP Larkin Seiple
AD Jesse Fleece
Production Designer Jason Kisvarday
Stylist Corban Poorboy
Hair/Makeup Eleanor Marks
Stunts Jess Harbeck
Catering Stefanie Lynch
Starring Sarah Hess
Producer Jonathan Wang
PM Judy Craig
Exec Producer Candice Ouaknine
Prettybird Productions

Music video by Joywave performing Tongues (official video). (C)
2014 Cultco Music / Hollywood Records, Inc.

Cold Specks - Absisto from Ian Pons Jewell on Vimeo.

Based on a dream.
Shot in Toronto, Canada.

Director: Ian Pons Jewell
DOP: Samy Inayeh
Exec: Rich Cureton
Production Company: Revolver FIlms
Commisioner: John Moule
Producer: Rory Halsall
Production Manager: Vimla Mangru
1st AD: Jason Bourke
Steadicam: Yoann Malnati
Gaffer: Adam Crosby
Stylist: Muska Z
Art Director: Jessica Jerome
Casting: Olivia Le Bihan
Hair & Make Up: Caitlin Wright
1st AC: Chria Gruggen
2nd AC: Jeff Hicks
Key Grip: Todd Nicholas Thompson
Diver/Genny Op: Neil diceman
RV Driver: Sue Kerby
Craft Service: Blazing Kitchen
Production PAs: Brady Parker: Kyle Montague: Ernon Schneeberger: Daniel Ura: Ryan Zwolinski: Seed Kennedy
Editor: Daniel Bochenski School Editing
Colourist Jason Zukowski @ Notch
Post Producer: Genna McAuliffe @ Notch
Image Researcher: Dobi Manolova

Lead Male: Matthew Kovacs
Villain: Mike McMahon
Bell Man: Murray McKay
Sun: Brittany Doll
Moon: Tasya Ann Barre
Dead Men Walking: Dave Hooper & @David Straus
Dead Men: Mark Reichmann & Victor Roy